The Boylan Team
eXp Realty

Find Your Next Home Guaranteed!

If you’ve considered moving to another house,
this is the absolute BEST way to find the perfect home!

 It is way too risky to put your home up for sale if you haven’t
even looked around to find your next property. This totally free
service will find several properties for you to consider with
absolutely NO obligation to ever make a move!

 We have a “Dream Home Finder” program that will find unlisted
properties matching your exact wants and needs for your next house!

 Don’t even CONSIDER selling your current home until you’ve spoken
with us about finding the perfect place for you to make a move to.

 To learn details about how we can find you the perfect house with
absolutely no cost or obligation, simply call or text Amy & Billy at 775-997-6758

How It Works...

1.  There’s a good chance that you want a very specific type of home and wouldn’t want to move unless you find it. In turn, we will go find it for you, on our dime!

2.  Our company will invest up to $2,000 in marketing costs to advertise in the neighborhoods or areas you are interested in, specifically to the EXACT type of home you are looking for.

3.  As we find owners that may consider a sale (but aren’t yet on the market) we will take you to see the property for consideration.

4.  If you find a home that’s absolutely perfect, we will list and quickly sell your current home for top dollar,  using a target marketing approach, thus allowing you to move to your dream home! Call now to discuss our Dream Home Finder!   We answer from 8 am to 8 pm daily.  

Would You Sell Your Home If You Found The PERFECT Place To Move To? 

Our Dream Home Finder guarantees we will find the PERFECT house matching EXACTLY what you are looking for in terms of area, price and desired amenities. Our company will invest up to $2,000 in marketing to find you homes that are NOT yet on the market! You can find homes that aren’t available to the general public and be the only home buyer that knows they are available. If you’ve considered a possible move, call to discuss this program now!